I need vintage magazines, yoga magazines, anything to do with mental health magazines. Books with drawings of birds, and books with butterflies. I also would take anything interesting for collage. Old die cuts, scrapbooking materials, buttons, etc. Thanks!
6-Dec-2018Troy, NY+6 milesItems Wanted
My dryer of 10 years has decided to quit putting out heay. Unfortunately thee is noy room in my budget for a new one. I would make arrangements t for a pick up if needed..Thanks for reading my post :-)
3-Dec-2018Clifton Park, NY+14 milesItems Wanted
I missed the opportunity to enroll for family xmas programming. I didn't no the enrollment was in October I assumed it started beginning of December. Anything that you can give will be greatly appreciated. There is 2 girls and anything colorful or girly will work for them. If u want to know their interests or wants pls let me know. But really anything will help. Yes both girls did ask for certa...
3-Dec-2018Clifton Park, NY+14 milesItems Wanted
Hi there I'm looking for anything for hand or bath towels, curtains, couch that is gd shaped hope for 1 that reclines on both ends like my broken couch does, kitchen table & chairs or chairs are def needed bc mine are broken, queen sz bed sets, lrg rugs,stands or coffee tables, microwave etc. Those items I need to find replacements of or don't have. U can if u want to let me know of anything ur...
30-Nov-2018Troy, NY+6 milesItems Wanted
Handy RPI student looking for a workbench and if available any woodworking tools as well
Looking for two working desk top or wall phones .. either rotary or push button. Any color. Thanks.
Looking for toy box. I have a 3 year old girl. I am looking for a toy box for her new room.
26-Nov-2018Clifton Park, NY+14 milesItems Wanted
is anyone donated used toys im looking for a few things for two moms i want to help for christmas i only need a few more things for them a baby doll or or my life doll and doll cloths dinosaurs and a toy dump truck a kids blanket or bed set kid or baby books and a small tv or any toys,cloths or kid stuff would help if i have extra i can help a 3rd mom out :) thank you and god bless
Commercial or residential. Will take what we can get and will pick up!
Looking for Toys for a 3 year old. I don't have a car. I live in Schenectady and want to know if you could deliver.
22-Nov-2018Schenectady, NY+16 milesItems Wanted
Prefer 18" or larger -- thanks so much Guarantee quick pickup
I Could use a size 2XL winter Work jacket or ski jacket. Also size 48" 30" work pants or jeans please. Thomas 518 512-71327132 Thank you.
In need of size 2Xl work jacket or ski jacket . Also size 48" 30" work pants or jeans . Thomas 518 512-7132 . Thank you .
21-Nov-2018Clifton Park, NY+14 milesItems Wanted
Looking for an unwanted wine cooler refrigerator that your looking to get rid of because its non-working and looking for parts.
21-Nov-2018Clifton Park, NY+14 milesItems Wanted
I have a 2010 Mini Cooper Convertible did not come with a windscreen. Looking for one if you're not using yours or have an extra. Thanks
20-Nov-2018Schenectady, NY+16 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a Christmas tree. I am also looking for Christmas decorations.
20-Nov-2018Clifton Park, NY+14 milesItems Wanted
Desperately in need of moving boxes. Can pick up when convenient for you. TIA Stacia
I m looking for help with Christmas. Any toys, children books, size 10/12 girls clothes, full size bedding or size 1-2 girls shoes would help a lot. I m a tough spot this year and Christmas isn t looking too great. Just want to make sure my daughter smiles that day.